“It’s all about the potential.”

Lumina Prime 8

Investment Strategies For New & Established Businesses

Benefit from Our experience in all areas of Business, Investment, Management, Operations and Support

Whether your business is a start-up, growing, static or distressed –
We can help.

Lumina Prime 8 - UK Private Investment Company providing Business Management Support


We have extensive energy and experience in bringing business Ideas and concepts to life.

Lumina Prime 8 Private Investment Company in the UK providing Business Operations Support


We enable management to focus more time on revenue generation rather than the performance and management of the business.

Lumina Prime 8 - Private Investment, Support and Strategy

Support & Strategy

You’ll have an experienced team working with you providing strategy, support, experience and expertise on every level.

Lumina Prime 8 Private Investment from £10,000 to £1 million


From £10,000 to £1 million, we are able to support businesses grow during all stages of their life cycle.

How It Works

You have an existing business or business concept that would benefit from investment and expertise.

You bring the idea to Lumina Prime 8.

We determine whether the business idea is of interest to us and whether we can provide significant value and structure with an appropriate shareholding arrangement or equity investment.

Lumina Prime 8 prepares a business plan with you and once all is agreed the deal is signed.

You take care of the operations of the business based on your skill levels.

Lumina Prime 8 take care of the support and governance of the business and provide the finance element required to support the businesses grow.


At Lumina Prime 8 we work with like-minded people who are carefully considered based on our availability and ability to make the most impact/add the most value and create success within their businesses.

We Work With:

  • Companies looking to expand, in need of support with strategies and platforms for growth.
  • Organisations that lack direction which could benefit from management and directorial support.
  • Businesses that are distressed to guide them back into profit and success.